1 thought on “Q ANON AND THE ALLIANCE – Discussion with Jordan Sather in D.C.”

  1. Corey and David are amazing individuals. They have stood up to share their experiences concerning topics which our past history of our planet would find them in straight jackets and locked away with doctors experimenting on them behind closed doors. Yet they have stood up and bravely shared knowledge which holds truth beyond words. Truth beyond most individual’s ability to explain. It is not easy to share information which others have not experienced and therefore can’t understand or believe or have trouble believing. They are attempting to get everyone to peacefully share their knowledge with everyone while we prepare ourselves for possible future changes that are meant to assist us in changes that are needed for our species progression. I have written a book myself called “The Seventh Sense” which I am attempting Corey to read. I believe my experiences and knowledge is the next step that goes along with Corey’s message. My book presents the tools which helps to change humanity’s consciousness in preparation for future changes that are coming. Corey, please read my book. It will give you another perspective which transcends what you have been experiencing to date…


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