MIGRANT CARAVAN – Eyewitness Journalist Confirms Media is Purposefully Deceiving You

Source: Stillness in the Storm , Collective Evolution

Date: December 1, 2019

By: Joe Martino

(Joe Martino) We’ve been covering this story since it began, watching certain aspects unfold from a bigger picture perspective. Not being there was a tough part of the process because we couldn’t see and ask questions ourselves. Perhaps this is something we can begin doing once we raise enough viewer support here. But this didn’t stop us from seeking out a long time friend and independent journalist Luke Rudkowski, the founder of WeAreChange, who has been there in Tijuana for the past week.

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When I first reported on this story, my analysis was that when we look at how it is being used by media and political parties, it has become an event to rile people up, push agendas, and divide the people. We saw this by examining Obama’s 2013 state of the union speech where his push for immigration reform was not just eerily similar to Trump’s, it was exactly the same sentiment. Yet here in 2018 Trump is receiving a huge amount of backlash, why? If you’ve followed our work for some time, you know we don’t enter into the political game nor carry a political identity. We observe what’s happening from a big picture perspective.

Thus, our stance on Trump has been that he appears to be rocking the boat of the deep state/cabal’s hard work over many years. This means, he is a threat – and to us, this is why there has been pretty much an all-out media attack on him since he got into office.

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Aside from that, he is also digging his own grave at times, but we have covered exactly why we believe this to be going on in a video here.

All that said, in speaking with Luke yesterday, I realized our initial report and findings were quite accurate, and being able to get an ever deeper and bigger picture from someone there has been a great help to even further understanding what is happening here. To sum it up, aside from the political and media manipulation taking place, it seems this is also a case of poor communication. Something that collectively we all seem to struggle with in our own lives, especially when we are trying to protect our own narratives.

So as you watch the video below, challenge yourself to be open, let go of any previous narratives and discern how you feel about the situation. We have to begin to look beyond our basic 3D reality to understand the truth.

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Since releasing this video, there have been some attempts by viewers to ignore what the video says by suggesting Luke wasn’t actually there or that he was lying. Firstly, here is video footage from Luke being there doing his own coverage. And secondly, I have known Luke for many years and can say I see no reason why he’d be lying about what he is seeing down there. That said, with any information, going beyond our internal rhetoric and programming on an issue and using feeling and discernment within ourselves is a necessary process. It not only teaches us more about our own belief systems, but also how to develop an internal guidance system within ourselves that we all have: intuition.

With that said, let’s dive into this latest update. I will have one more update coming out later today, so subscribe to our YouTube channel to be sure you see it.

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The Takeaway

This issue has people up in arms in a very emotional way, not all of us, but it appears a good deal of us are pretty triggered by what we’re hearing. And that’s just it, what we’re hearing. I’ve watched the way the left and has covered it and I’ve watched the way the right has covered it, while there is some truth on both sides, it’s also aggressively slanted to each respective side, and this has become an obvious ploy to win political points.

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