1 thought on “DR MICHAEL SALLA – Cabal Being Challenged Like Never Before”

  1. I’m so happy to see all the love finally starting to spread across the universe. I’ve known since I was young I was here for a purpose but just never could quite get it. However both my marriages were with men that needed physical help although my first husband wasn’t I’ll when we married he developed Ms ironically on the day I found out I was pregnant. He was hospitalized most of the pregnancy and I was spiritally attacked and our daughter now suffers by so many negative aspects to numerous to mention. Second husband was born with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis but worked many years then was wheelchair bound and I again had someone to care for. I have physical problems and couldn’t care for him anymore , moved by my mother only to find her diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years later. I was her caregiver for 5 years until I just couldn’t anymore. Now after Drs test my DNA. I’m going to be like mom. But I still know I’m here for more. I know I was taken in 1984 But knowing how people were viewed I only told family. I remember enough to know what they looked like, said, and did. I wasn’t the only one taken in my family but wonder if it has to do with my blood type. It was a positive experience and ask them sometimes for another ride,lol but this time I want to get to remember More! I’m ready but maybe they don’t think so but either way I know evil is toying with loved ones and I want it to stop! This is just a drop in the bucket to things I can do and things I’ve seen and love seeing the good getting ahead and I want to be a part of witnessing the Ascension. May love and peace surround all those fighting to Wake up the masses!!

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