3 thoughts on “Huge Alien Disclosure by the Man Who Worked with ETs at Secret Bases”

  1. When are you coming to Florida?
    I’d luv to know more of what you are creating to heal the planet & people

    I am interested in your work & what you are achieving & the potential of investors

    Thank you

  2. Finally wonderful to see this info being brought to the open.! I do have a question regarding medical care at this facility. When I was 28, I had a kidney removed for Renal Cancer and they took the gland as well. Never came back, zero problems! At age 51, I went into hospital and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (yes…Type 1). I am 54 now. Would this facility be able to help someone like me?

    1. As I hear, there is technology that can heal the human body in incredible ways. The only catch is that we don’t exactly know where it’s stored. Hopefully, when disclosure takes place, the revelation will be complete enough to allow healing technology to be released so that we can eradicate illness for the most part.

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