1 thought on “Video – Bush Funeral Intended as Cover for Truce between Trump, Xi, and Huber”

  1. After watching a number of David Wilcox videos and his Above Majestic I am convinced I had contact by both the Alliance and the Cobal. My day was in the Navy and when we were in Rota, Spain I had a telepathic message from a woman at the age of 5, witnessed my first UFO on the base and I believe that UFO craft made itself know because of me. I was in the Army stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs, years later back in Seattle I found an unexplained mark above my right knee with a strange fuzz-memory how it got there; I also witnessed over a dozen UFO sightings while living in south Florida, two of which were fantastic, one a black triangle and the other was a ship exiting a worm hole. I was born a serial entrepreneur and the age of thirty-seven I developed a system that was going to make me one of the wealthiest people on earth (wealthier than Gates and Buffet) and it was the Cabal that tried to steal my company and when I did not allow that to happen they destroyed me. I have recorded DOD monitoring on my TV through Comcast. It all makes sense now. I have never been able to share this and I would welcome the opportunity to speak with someone that understands. Thank you.

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