MAJOR LEGAL MOVES TOWARD HIGH-LEVEL CABAL ARRESTS – PART 1 – Recent U.S. District Court Disclosures Detail Possible Charges Against the Deep State

Source: Discerning the Mystery

Date: November 25, 2018

By: Shem El-Jamal

The notion of the existence of tens of thousands of sealed indictments has been the buzz of numerous alternative online communities. Independent researchers and curious truth-seekers alike have frequented this narrative for nearly a year’s time, and the enthusiasm surrounding this topic only continues to build.

To the surprise of many, this subject of sealed indictments being filed away in multiple U.S. courts was actually covered by the mainstream media. However, as expected, the latest MSM report from ABC News attempted to spin the story toward the advantage of the Deep State. Instead of doing a proper job of journalism, these reports only discussed the indictments which might affect Washington D.C.—delivering half-truths about these indictments to their audience in place of a full story. This ABC report also attempted to claim that these indictments were a direct result of the Muller investigation into the worn-out conspiracy theory of “Russian collusion.”

Yet when we look at the truth of the legal situation in the U.S., we see that the tens of thousands of indictments exist within major courts throughout the entire country and not simply in Washington D.C. This goes to show us how unreliable and dishonest the corporate media has become in recent years, and reveals one of the many reasons why millions of Americans are now turning to alternative media instead.

Despite the predictable political bias of the corporate media, the reality of the coming prosecutions has been increasingly evident over time. From the progressive updates from the website,, we can see clearly how voluminous the collection of sealed indictments has become (now upwards of 60,000, according to sources). In fact, now, as of October 2nd of this year, we have yet another exhibit to add to our body of evidence. This item further reveals the fact that a growing case along with impending legal and likely military actions against the Deep State/Cabal could be only weeks away.

Adding to the massive mountain of accumulated evidence, we have yet another sign of impending indictments against the criminal Cabal. This confirmation comes directly from the United States District Court in Washington D.C.

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On October 2nd, a docket list from the D.C. District Court was unsealed and released to the public through official sources. This list boasted revealing details about the impending indictments soon to be served in the U.S. (though most of these are still under sealed status as of the writing of this article). The report along with its lengthy and yet extremely implicit attachments can be seen below.

The Power of Trap and Trace

At first glance, this report and the corresponding attachments may seem somewhat dry in comparison to the extensive detail we might expect. However, once we research the definitions hidden within this disclosure as well as the massive implications of this release, we will see just how excessively revealing this release truly is.

Before going further, let’s define an important term from the above document. This is the method known as trap and trace. Here is the basic definition of the term from Cornell University.

Trap and trace – A device or process that records the sources of incoming signals to a specific phone or computer. Often used by law enforcement as the advanced counterpart of Caller ID. A trap and trace device identifies the phone numbers or Internet addresses of incoming signals, but does not include substantive information transmitted by those signals.

When we think of these trap and trace orders, we may realize they are much like the digital version of official search warrants, in that they allow authorities to search through the property of others in order to obtain some aspect of evidence as part of an investigation. Though most authorities seem to have dismissed the basic constitutional right to privacy, it seems that there is some effort behind these latest orders to actually execute these digital searches according to the American Constitution. (We may note that this adherence to the 4th Amendment has not been respected since George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act in 2001.)

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