Q Predictions and ‘Cesar Psy-Op’ – The Strong Case for Alliance Intervention in the Recent Story of the Fake Bomber

Source: Discerning the Mystery

Date: November 3, 2018

By: Shem El-Jamal

The breaking reports of an alleged serial bomber swept through corporate news with blinding speed, and just as always with such sensational news, the reports of these events held numerous unanswered questions and many gross inconsistencies.

During this time, news of this series of seemingly fake pipe bombs mailed to various public figures who actively opposed President Trump (most of whom have encouraged violence themselves) was a major topic of discussion. However, not long after these news reports broke, the blatant errors in these stories began to surface. Upon closer examination, the reports of this supposed bomber showed little to no sign of consistency.

This is the second part of the two-part series about Q Anon and the possible involvement of black ops and the Alliance in the recent case of Cesar Sayoc, now known as the fake bomber. In this article, we discuss further anomalies within the various news reports about Sayoc as well as the probable purpose behind these reports. We also explore the numerous possibilities of how these events play out in the world of U.S. intelligence and how these developments may spell ultimate victory for the Alliance.

The Rundown

The recent breaking news of a series of suspicious packages which were claimed to be bombs initially swept through the MSM in record time. These stories were dotted with the usual telltale signs of shifting narratives, conflicting details, apparent political motivation, and numerous other indicators of possible deception by the MSM. On top of these questionable characteristics, reports of these events appeared to be intended to smear the image of alternative media and independent thinkers in general (not to mention the United States president).

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The topic of the anonymous 8Chan poster, Q Anon, as well as those that follow Q have been covered in mainstream media with greater and greater normalcy—to the surprise of many. Though this subject has been used to target and smear alternative communities due to their support for the president, it is interesting to see that subjects which used to only be discussed among independent researchers are gaining public attention from the MSM.

It also appears that Q Anon and alternative communities have become a specific focus of certain intelligence operations. In past years, these communities have been largely disregarded and assumed to be full of “conspiracy nuts.” Consequently, there was apparently no need for intelligence communities to take much active interest in them—at least not at the public level. However, it now seems that questionable interests within U.S. intelligence are working to undermine the efforts of these alternative communities—censoring, disrupting, and dissuading members from finding the truth.

Ironically, it has been these very communities that have worked to uncover the possible hidden truths behind these recent events involving the fake bomber, Cesar Altieri Sayoc, or as alternative communities have dubbed him, Cesar Psy-Op.

The Case for a False Flag

Following the alleged false flag attacks of September 11, most suspected false flags occurring within the U.S. appeared to have been poorly concocted and executed. Though it does appear that there were actual victims involved in many of these attacks and that real deaths did occur, there appear to have been a consistent trend of clumsiness and poorly executed cover-up attempts which commonly accompany these events.

Many of the stories of more recent attacks suspected to be false flags were so wrought with inconsistencies that most independent researchers were easily able to dissect and uncover the truth behind them. Such inconsistencies can be easily seen in a number of past events. In fact, these questionable characteristics have been so consistent that they have become key indicators among researchers on how to determine true violent events from false ones.

In the case of this fake bomb event, not only do we see a good number of these inconsistencies, but we see a significant number of outright lies included within MSM news reports. One example of these apparent untruths can be seen in the following report from the New York Post. This report clearly states that one of the packages was “mailed” to one of the targets, and yet there is no sign that the package was ever mailed at all.

A single fingerprint on a suspicious package mailed to Rep. Maxine Waters helped authorities nab the man who allegedly sent at least 13 suspected pipe bombs to high-profile Democratic figures over the past week, officials said Friday.

“Once I knew that they had a print, I was pretty confident we’d be able to find the right person,” FBI director Chris Wray said at a press conference.

Investigators also found a possible DNA connection between samples on two separate IEDs and material collected from suspect Cesar Sayoc in a previous arrest in Florida, Wray added.

Sayoc, 56, was arrested in Plantation, Florida, earlier Friday and was charged with five federal crimes — including interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives and threats against former presidents, officials said.


Neither this nor any other reports from the New York Post offered images of the packages they claim were mailed to California State Rep., Maxine Waters. However, an internet search easily yielded the following images.

These are a few of the images which corporate media presented of the alleged bombs that were sent to a number of political and public figures. What seems striking is the fact that we are seeing images of these supposed “bombs” in the first place. If these objects were actually believed to be dangerous, why would anyone in their right mind set them up for a photo shoot when these people should be running out of the building as the bomb squad is being called?

For anyone to present images of a package they claim to be a bomb seems to suggest that either they are suicidal and don’t care about their own safety, or they know the object is not a real bomb and they are simply presenting it to news cameras for shock value. When was the last time you saw photos included with reports of an actual bomb in corporate news?

There may be other images, but these five give us a good feel for what we are dealing with. These images were presented by various national and local MSM sources as legitimate news. However, upon examination, we find that there are nearly countless flaws included within these images which collectively make the mainstream narrative of events seem logically impossible.

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The first and most obvious mistake included within the presentation of these “bombs” was the previously stated fact that these packages show no sign of postmarking or any indication of processing by a postal service at all. An even stranger fact is that, according to sources, these envelopes were somehow sent across the country faster than USPS is able to deliver. The packages are not marked for next-day shipping, nor is there any known method for shipping packages at the speed with which they reportedly arrived at their destinations.

It is clear from these images that six stamps were applied to each of these oddly identical packages. Yet the lack of postmarking indicates that at least the packages shown above were not mailed and they somehow arrived at their destination by other means other than USPS delivery. From these details, it seems clear that multiple MSM reports were either lying to the public, or they themselves were misinformed about the true origin of these packages.

We can also see that each package included only six stamps. This might make sense to those who have never used a professional mailing service, but for those who have, this does not make sense.

According to USPS.com, these are the current prices for the Forever Stamp.
This is a comparison between the price of stamps and that of flat rate envelopes similar to those depicted in the images.

One stamp equates to about 50 cents. This means that these packages—which were reported to contain pipe bombs (which typically weigh several pounds, depending upon their contents)—were only outfitted with $3 worth of stamps. This is not enough money to mail a package weighing over 1 to 6 ounces. Anything larger than this would require one of USPS’s flat rate envelopes or boxes, according to their website. However, this would only apply to packages that were actually mailed. Yet according to the images presented, the envelopes in question were not.

This further supports the possibility that the corporate media and possibly the intelligence agencies feeding this information to the media are lying to the public.

Then, there is the van.

The Man, the Van, and the Decals

When we attempt to explain the mainstream narrative in logical terms, the task does not seem very possible. The MSM would have us believe that one man—a Filipino “white supremacist”—intentionally committed several federal crimes while telegraphing and advertising the fact for a year straight on his vehicle and that he basically chose to sentence himself to spend the rest of his life in prison—all just for the heck of it.

Considering Cesar’s lifestyle, it does not seem to make sense why he would want to give up his freedom and everything else for the sake of a prank. This leads us to suspect that either this man has some type of mental condition that causes him to be excessively self-destructive in extremely elaborate ways, or that he was somehow put up to these strange actionsby outside parties.

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Overall, the story handed to the public by the MSM does not entirely make sense. However, there are other explanations for the situation.

If this event was some type of operation orchestrated by Dark Hats within the FBI, the CIA, or some other intelligence agency, this might make sense. When we observe the past disruptive and sometimes deadly incidents that were suspected to have been covert intel operations, we may see that there are several similar characteristics between those and the story of Sayoc. …But more on those points later.

According to reports, Cesar Sayoc was supposedly allowed by Florida authorities to drive his illegally decorated van through the state for an entire year. If Florida laws prohibit these types of visual abstractions on any vehicle aside from telecommunications equipment on appropriate vehicles, why would a serial bomber deliberately take the chance of attracting law enforcement due to such a flagrant offense?

AAA Digest of Motor Laws – Florida – Windshield Stickers

No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sign, poster, or other non-transparent material upon the front windshield, sidewings, or side or rear windows of such vehicle which materially obstructs, obscures, or impairs the Driver’s clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway.

Exempts GPS devices or similar satellite receiver devices.


By all appearances, this van claimed by the MSM to belong to Sayoc makes very little sense in that it serves no purpose aside from further shock value along with its potential to serve some propagandistic purpose. It seems that the corporate media has recently taken a liking to the fallacy of guilt by association, as they have used it rather liberally to smear the president. And per the usual requirement of propaganda, we the audience are expected to abandon all logic in order to buy into it.

Upon closer examination, the following images seem to paint a picture which does not fit the narrative of any of the MSM reports on the matter. Some might even say that the images appear to have been created in partnership with the MSM in order to fabricate a false story.

Consider the convenience of each of these images (below). What are the chances that this van—or any other vehicle, for that matter—would be able to be so clearly photographed as though Cesar was posing for the camera? It seems unusual for a man intelligent enough to be a serial bomber to be so friendly with photographers with high-quality photo equipment before committing his crime.

We might also wonder what the chances are that this same individual would be so clearly visible at a Trump rally facing another high-quality camera and photographer smiling with his “Welcome President Trump” sign in perfect view. It appears as though Cesar is posing for the camera and yet is not interacting with anyone in the crowd.


One additional detail we might consider is the fact that the stickers on the van’s rear window appear to have changed at some point. Notice the difference in the arrangement of stickers between the YouTube video and the still images.

Notice the above tweet claims that the referenced image was taken in December of 2017, making this van and its stickers at least a year old. To restate, this means that Florida authorities failed to notice this man even though he has apparently advertised has illegal window decals to all motorists for a year straight.

Consider the odd and repeated convenience of these photos. Combined with all of the oddities about this situation listed above, it seems very likely that this Cesar Sayoc was merely set up to appear to be a Trump supporter, but in reality, he had no interest in politics (though CNN would have us believe that the president is solely to blame for Sayoc’s actions). When we learn that the packages presented by the MSM as supposed bombs may have been fake all along, the story seems to unravel even further.

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There does not appear to be any reason why any individual would send fake bombs to anyone for any reason, let alone to all of the major Democratic figures who are suspected of crimes against the United States. We are supposed to believe that this alleged bombing incident was Cesar’s own idea and yet he had no intention of escaping after allegedly sending these (non) bombs. Nothing about this story seems to add up—that is if we believe the MSM reports. However, if we speculate on our own as to why these events transpired, we may come to a plausible answer.

When we consider the possible reasoning behind this strange media spectacle of the apparently fake bomber, a number of questions arise. Was this act perpetrated by a covert intelligence agency such as the FBI in order to achieve some deceptive purpose? Was this an operation designed by White Hats behind the scenes in order to send a message of some kind, or is there much more to this story than we have conjectured thus far?

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