Divine Frequency – What Whistleblowers are Telling Us About the Secret Space Programs

Source: Divine Frequency

Date: September 24, 2018

By: Adam Riva

(Adam Riva) Classified projects are a dime a dozen, from Operation Paperclip which brought the world the nuclear bomb, to the lesser known Operation Northwoods which outlined proposed false flag attacks by the American government on Cuba to justify a declaration of war. Special access programs can be massive in scope and can remain hidden behind a veil of secrecy for decades, even from potentates in government.

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Perhaps the largest, most expensive, and least understood collection of classified projects is the Secret Space Program, often referred to as the SSP. In recent years, several credible whistleblowers have stepped forward to disclose the highly advanced technologies and the highly compartmentalized systems used by the SSP.

Self-professed whistleblower Tony Rodrigues joins us in a new weekly series where we will speak with whistleblowers who claim to have worked in various aspects of the SSP including classified technologies, working alongside extraterrestrials, slave labor, and the “20 and Back.” Below are the first six episodes for you to binge on!

Breakaway will be returning with new episodes in October.

In Episode One, Tony Rodrigues explains how he was abducted as a child, sex-trafficked, and eventually forced into a “20-and-back” program against his will.

In Episode Two, Tony Rodrigues describes life aboard various crafts and bases while he was stationed on Ceres, a small planetoid with a large German mining operation.

In Episode Three, Tony Rodrigues discusses the Satanic Ritual Abuse he endured as a child while living as a captive with an Illuminati family in Seattle, WA.

In Episode Four, Tony Rodrigues shares his experiences fighting insectoid extraterrestrials in a suicide squad while he was stationed on a base on Mars.

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