2 thoughts on “DISCLOSING THE SSP – Hosted by Jordan Sather”

  1. The problem with full disclosure as I see it is somewhat as if the entire world had access to nuclear weaponry at the same time, not to suggest any of it was good for the planet or the people therewith. To fix a problem such as what went wrong with human evolution, or a malfunctioning vehicle, it is logical to prioritize change on a time laden basis. Who that desires peace would want crazed war lords of the past to have the (secret) solutions of the future to further envelope their preconceived malicious intents of the past? Wars simply would be extended to newer dimensions and no net beneficial progress would be realized. Partial disclosure is more akin to educating the youth, A 5 year old child typically is not prepared to study upper level calculus. Boolean Algebra on steroids.

    1. The general understanding is that disclosure is part of a process, and that before any substantial information comes forward, all of the crazed warlords will be arrested and either imprisoned, executed or dealt with in the way the Alliance/the people see fit. Guantanamo bay is just one example.

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